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“The truth of ourselves is the root of our acting.”

Sanford Meisner

Who We Are | Acting School London

The Actors Door Studio is a London based acting studio with a singular approach to teaching acting. The basis of the acting training is the method of Sanford Meisner. The techniques revolutionised and taught by the great master are the foundation of the courses and classes offered by the acting school that is readily becoming recognised as London’s leading drama school in Meisner Technique.

In addition to training in the Meisner method, the Actors Door Studio offers classes in Voice, Movement and Screen Acting to compliment the actor’s training.

Why are we different

While a number of London drama schools offer training in Meisner Technique, many do so in conjunction with other acting techniques and styles. The Actors Door Studio does not do this. We pride ourselves on being specialists in the technique that Sanford Meisner developed and therefore our acting training is based on this acting method alone. This is because we have seen time and time again that it is the method that works most effectively.

Who will be Interested

The Actors Door Studio is dedicated to providing excellence in acting for actors and performers who want to pursue acting professionally. Students with a view to pursue acting professionally can enrol in the core Meisner Technique program the Meisner Acting Course

Drop in Acting Classes in are also available for individuals wanting to pursue Meisner for self development or for other non-career development reasons. For example you may want to train in Meisner to increase self-awareness, gain knowledge of your 'emotional instrument' and to be better able to control it.

The studio also runs workshops in Scene Analysis, Audition Technique, Monologues and the 'Business of Acting'. These workshops are open to all not just to 'Meisnerians' or students of the studio.

A Tailored Approach to Training Actors

We continually strive to be the most innovative Acting School London can offer. What sets us apart from any of the other Meisner acting schools London has available is our tailored approach to training actors. While we teach the method in small groups, we tailor our approach in accordance with each student's abilities. We do not believe that one size fits all. If a student displays weakness in certain aspects of their work, the teacher will work specifically on those weaknesses to bring them up to the required standard. Conversely, when a student shows talent in specific areas of acting, the teacher easily recognises this and encourages and helps the student to develop their talents further.

If you are looking for an acting school in London that can recognise your unique talent, the Actors Door Studio will be the right drama school for you.

Meisner Teachers

Fay Beck studio director Actors Door Studio

Fay Beck

School director
Martin Christopher Bode Actors Door Studio teacher

Martin-Christopher Bode

Teacher - Screen Acting
Katy Stokes Actors Door Studio

Katy Stokes

Tania Haq teaches yoga, meditation and cold reading at the Actors Door Studio

Tania Haq

Teacher - Yoga, Meditation, Script

Courses currently running:

  • Screen Acting Classes From: £25.00 Read more
  • Drop in Acting Classes London: Professional Actors £20.00 Read more
  • Meisner Short Acting Course London: Foundations for Beginners £280.00 £220.00 book now
  • Drop in Acting Classes London: Beginners £15.00 Read more
  • Screen Acting Course London: Full Course £640.00 £530.00 book now
  • Audition Technique & Camera Workshop London £94.00 £74.00 book now
  • Screen Acting Course London: Stage 5, Surviving on Set £160.00 book now
  • Meisner Course London: Acting Technique I £252.00£324.00 book now