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Meisner and Text Workshop



4 Day Workshop

WHEN: July 17th – July-20th 2017


Pre-workshop meeting: July 21st 2017, 1:00-2:00pm

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The Actors Door Studio Meisner & Text Workshop is a week workshop ideal for actors who want to apply their Meisner training to text.

The workshop is an intensive 4 day training program that will cover the following:

  • Story & narrative structure
  • Scene/Text Analysis
  • Developing character using the text
  • Playing ‘below the text’ 
  • Personalising the text
  • Applying Meisner skills to performance

In the workshop we will be working on a scene from a play. A week prior to the workshops we will send details about the scene we will be working on.

Actors will attend a pre-workshop meet & greet. In the pre-workshop meeting, you will be given instructions on how to prepare your lines for the workshop.

During the workshop, you will have the chance to workshop your performance under the instruction of your teacher.

This is an open workshop which means you do not need to be a student of the Actors Door Studio to attend.

To attend the workshop you need to have knowledge, experience & training in the Meisner Technique.



The workshop is the perfect opportunity to practice your ability to analyse a scene.

Being able to analyse or identify what a scene is about, will win you acting jobs.

Scene analysis is about answering some integral questions:

What is the scene really about?

What is character’s role in the scene, given the context of the play? and,

What does the writer and/or director want the audience to experience/see/feel/understand?

To answers these questions you must first begin with analysing the script. The script will provide you with all the clues you need in order to develop character and to tell the director’s/writer’s story effectively.

It will also guide you in how to approach your work in the play or film as a whole.

In this workshop you will learn effective techniques for text analysis.

You will also learn to apply your Meisner training to create full, three dimensional characters.

Limited places are available for this workshop!



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