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Absolutely! Often the less formal experience you have, the easier for us to work with you.
The Meisner Technique comprises of a set of very specific skills and techniques. These skills are taught progressively as you move through the three stages of your training: Foundations, Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. If you have gained experienced in another acting technique that's great, you many find it will help you. However you do still need to start at the Foundations or Beginners stage as the tools you will earn there will enable to move through the other stages. Without this training you cannot participate in the stages.
This is great. It may mean that you will be able to move through the stages quicker than others. However, note that teachers of Meisner Technique are not regulated. Often, other techniques are erroneously added and falsely described as 'Meisner' when in fact they are not. If you have practiced Meisner elsewhere, the best way for us to gauge where you fit in, is for us to see you in action. If you have received the right training, you will get to move to the next stage very quickly. Contact us to discuss your previous experience in the Meisner Technique.
Yes! The Meisner course is a rolling course which means you can join at anytime in the year. Please contact us to organise part block payments.
If you are taking the Meisner Course for professional or performance career reasons then you are required to attend 2 x 2.5hr weekly sessions as well as a repetition class. Students who want to fast track their training are encouraged to take 3 or 4 weekly classes. However, we would discourage anyone taking more than the 4 classes as this may hinder your development. Meisner classes can be intense, you'll need to take the time to reflect and practice your skills outside of the classes. Developing your technique outside of classes much more preferable than you taking more classes.
No. Currently, there are absolutely no audition or entry requirements to join the Meisner Course.
No. There is absolutely no requirement for you to be a student at ADS in order to take advantage of the workshops or masterclasses we have on offer.
This is up to you. Students of the course may undertake as many or as few workshops or masterclasses as they feel they need.
The classes at the Actors Door Studio operate as an 'adult only' environment and therefore cannot be attended by underage students. If you are aged 16-18 and would like to book into the Core Training courses, you may attend. In which case we require a parent or guardian to sign a disclaimer granting you authority to attend.


We accept payment via Paypal, Credit/Debit Card (processed through Paypal), and bank transfer.

Private Lessons

Yes. Studio director Fay Beck is available for private coaching.

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