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Meisner Acting Course

The Meisner Acting Course is the core acting program we offer at the Actor's Door Studio in London

The Meisner Acting Course at the Actors Door Studio is a 2yr part time acting course that takes students through the full Meisner Technique all the way to the showcase and graduation.

The course runs over 3 Stages: Acting Technique I, Acting Technique II & Advanced Training.

Each stage is designed to progressively teach actors how to get in touch with their instinctive emotional self. Students will - and systematically - learn how to develop the skills and techniques that are necessary to deliver powerful character performances on stage and screen. By the end of the full course, students will have mastered the technique, and will be ready to launch a professional career as actors

Progressing through the course is by invitation only and involves completing key competencies (or modules) within each of the three stages.


Stage 1: Acting Technique I

Acting Technique I lays the foundations for the more advanced techniques to follow.

During this stage, actors will:

  • Learn how to connect with their emotions
  • Take the first steps to training their emotions
  • Develop their instinctive self
  • Learn how to connect 'truthfully' with other actors
  • Form an understanding of character 'doings'
  • Practice scene analysis techniques

Teaching Modules for the Beginners Stage are as follows:
Taking the First Thing
Activities & Doors

Stage 2: Acting Technique II

Acting Technique II focuses on relationships. Specifically, this stage trains actors to connect emotionally with other actors in the context of a relationship. (How can you truthfully portray a mother/father/lover/teacher etc.)

In the second stage, actors will:

  • Gain insight and understanding of their own relationships
  • Develop techniques for relationship development in acting
  • Build on techniques learned in previous stage to establish deeper connections with other actors on stage & screen
  • Use of 'as ifs' & personalisation
  • Develop skills in emotional prep to help fuel performance

Teaching Modules for the Intermediate Stage are as follows:
Emotional Preparation
'As ifs'

Stage 3: Advanced Training

The Advanced stage completes the actor's training at the Actors Door Studio. It focuses on the development of advanced characterisation techniques crucial in the portraying of powerful, memorable and convincing characters on stage and screen. Actors will also learn specific and highly specialised performance skills that will help them launch successful careers in this very competitive industry.

Advanced Stage actors will:

  • Master use of physical & psychological impediments for character portrayal
  • Develop advanced skills in 'telling story'
  • Master the art of characterisation
  • Develop highly effective camera & screen acting techniques
  • Learn powerful theatre techniques to empower stage performances

  • Teaching Modules for the Advanced Stage are as follows:
    Spoon Rivers
    Advanced Characterisation
    Graduate Showcase

Meisner Beginners / Foundations

The Meisner Short Acting Course is a nine week program designed to take students through the first weeks of training in the technique. Foundation courses are preparation for the core training. They are perfect for students still in the process of deciding to join the core Meisner training program offered at the Actors Door Studio.

Teaching Modules for the Foundations Stage are as follows:
Taking the First Thing
Activities & Doors

Optional modules

In conjunction with the Meisner Acting Course, the Actors Door Studio runs classes in voice, movement and accents throughout the year. Students undertaking the Meisner acting course for professional reasons are encouraged to take these classes particularly whilst at Stage 2 and Stage 3.

Optional (but recommended):
Stage Combat

Progression through the Meisner Acting Course

Students progress through each module and stage at their own pace. Students who are committed to the course and attend all prescribed classes will finish each stage faster than students taking the course on a drop in basis. These students finish the course over a period of 2yrs.

Course Delivery

The Meisner Acting Course is delivered through weekly acting classes

Students in the course sign up to 5 x 9 week teaching blocks/terms through the year. Payment for each block is due 1week prior to term starting.

We also provide a drop in class option for people interested in taking the course on a pay as you go basis. Note, that you may not be invited to the next stages of the course if you attend classes on a drop in basis.


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