Meisner Technique Foundations | Begin your training the right way

Meisner Technique Foundations

The Foundations course is perfect introduction into the Meisner Technique

The Meisner Technique Foundations Course is ideal for students new to the technique.

It is designed to introduce students to the method and to lay the right foundations for further study into the core Meisner training.

Over the 9 weeks, students will challenge themselves and take the first steps into discovering their emotional truth. Each week we’ll work through exercises and tasks designed to progressively get you out of your comfort zone. You will begin to delve into your own emotional experience and use your imagination to create the improvised exercises that are the hallmark of the Meisner Technique.

Through the cornerstone exercise of Meisner repetition you will learn how to connect with the other actor – a skill necessary for giving powerful performances on screen and stage.

At its completion, students will be able to apply the practical acting skills they have begun to learn almost immediately in their acting – as well as their everyday – life.

The courses run throughout the year and are subject to demand.


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