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Meisner Technique

At the Actor's Door Studio in London we offer professional training in Meisner Technique

Meisner Technique is unique

At the Actors Door Studio we teach the full modern version of the Meisner Technique.

The Meisner Technique 'looks' and works like no other method acting technique. It is widely regarded as the most powerful and effective acting training available to students who want to be professional actors. Some of the most successful actors in film, on TV and on stage have trained in the technique.

What is Meisner Technique?

Meisner Technique refers to a comprehensive actor training program developed by Sanford Meisner. Sanford Meisner is an American actor and acting teacher who trained some of Hollywood’s leading actors.

Meisner Technique has it’s roots in the acting method developed by Konstantin Stanislavki. Stanislavski created a groundbreaking system of acting techniques that was aimed at eliciting ‘real’ and powerful performances from actors on stage. Stanislavski’s method was taken up, adapted and developed further in unique and differing ways by American practitioners such as Lee Strasberg, Stella Adler and Sanford Meisner. These practitioners created their own systems of instruction all based on the core concept of ‘realism in acting’. They used their system to train actors not only for the stage, but also for the screen.

“Take it from a director: if you get an actor that Sandy Meisner has trained, you’ve been blessed.”

Elia Kazan on Meisner actors

The Meisner Technique differs from other forms of method acting such as those developed by Strasberg and Adler in that it is focused on the actor’s external world. For that reason it is more immediately effective and does not rely on having actors recall painful past events to fuel their performance. The latter concept being the hallmark of the Strasberg method.

In essence, the Meisner Technique is a set of practical exercises designed to progressively take the actor out of their comfort zone. This is done so that they can easily ‘inhabit the skin’ of the character they need to portray in a play or film. Meisner acting is unique; it is powerful, thrilling and exhilarating. A Meisner Technique actor can move through characters and imaginary situations to convincingly portray characters that are very much unlike their own self.

“Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances.”

Sanford Meisner on Acting

Meisner technique actors systematically give powerful performances on screen and stage. Some of the world’s most successful and famous actors have trained in the technique. It is widely regarded the the most effective contemporary acting method available to actors seeking professional careers in acting.

Meisner Technique at the Actors Door Studio

For students seeking to train in the Meisner Technique London offers a number of options. However, not all of these are the same.

At the Actors Door Studio we pride ourselves on being the only acting school with a completely tailored approach to teaching. We tailor our teaching to each individual focusing on the student's natural strengths and weaknesses. We use their strengths to bring attention to their weaknesses and constantly work on those to bring them up to professional standard.

Our other defining feature is that we strive for excellence and are motivated by quality not quantity. As such, our classes are small, ensuring you get the most out of our instruction.

Get in touch to find how the Actors Door Studio does Meisner and why it is the best Meisner Acting school in London.