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Fay Beck Acting Coach, Studio Director, Meisner Technique Teacher

Fay Beck

School director

Fay Beck trained as an actress in the Meisner Technique at the Actor’s Pulse in Sydney, a school headed by Billy Milionis who had trained under the legendary Sanford Meisner. The school has produced some of Australia’s most exciting acting talent over the last two decades.

Under the guidance of her teachers, she explored at length over a 4 year time-span, the subtlety and depth of human emotion. Beck excelled in her art, achieving high accolades and awards in every year of her course.

She undertook her acting course alongside studies at the University of Sydney, and completed her degree, majoring in Psychology and Philosophy. A year later, she embarked on further studies, this time in the arts and obtained a Diploma of Arts majoring in Film & Gender Studies.

Her psychological and philosophical theories concerning the human psyche underpin her work as a writer, instructor and storyteller.

Whilst at university, she discovered a congruence between major theories in emotion psychology and the Meisner Technique. This is not a surprise considering Stanislavski’s System (on which Meisner is based) was specifically formulated in psychological terms. Following her graduation and whilst exercising the technique through coaching actors privately, acting and filmmaking, she developed and extended the Meisner Technique encompassing foundational principles from emotion psychology and philosophy.

Beck’s formal experience in the fields of Psychology, Philosophy, Story and Film has provided her with a singular approach to the Meisner Technique. She has drawn out and worked into a comprehensive system of instruction, the philosophical and psychological elements that lay at the heart of Meisner Technique.

She actively seeks to improve and expand on the scope of the Meisner technique and is highly critical of ‘fake’, ‘pretentious’ and ‘passive aggressive Meisner’ – versions of Meisner she unfortunately encounters much more often than she would like.

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